The Ins and Outs of Standing Out

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know about social media, a very present part of everyone’s lives. Giving opportunities for growth, interaction and jobs that would otherwise be inaccessible. The potential is limitless when you apply yourself in the right way, especially when trying to make yourself stand out. There’s a lot of competition pushing for spots, with vast audiences on different platforms. So how DO you make yourself more ‘clickable’? Easily, by using different techniques and tricks to boost your profile! Like so;

Colours are an integral part of humanity. Our perception of danger, safety and ​interest ​ are based on very simple premises. So, when posting a photo, certain bright colours are key. Using such colours increases the number of viewers that the photo will bring, due to the key principles I have just explained. Red, Purple and Pink are proven to provoke a deeper, more visceral emotion deep down. These colours will provide more shares, likes, and overall better performance. Now that your audience is watching, what must be done now?

Collecting an audience is all well and good, but the difficult part is maintaining it. Using colours is good for attraction, but to retain that interest, you must be interesting enough to follow. Variety keeps your profile fresh. For example, Instagram provides many tools to involve the people who follow you, with polls and questions that let the audience participate. From a business standpoint, getting an audience’s opinion is ideal for improving quality of products/services. And if you’re looking for inspiration, you can kill two birds with one stone! A seamless way to improve your profile and keep your interest high.

Here comes the part where I tell you that influencing isn’t always easy, because there’s a couple obstacles in your way. The learning algorithms of social media. Most of them will push certain content to audiences based on qualities unbeknownst to the public, qualities that are hidden to avoid exploitation. However, it’s not too difficult to work out what works and what doesn’t. Paying close attention to your content and monitoring ups and downs is key to figuring out the main qualities that are promoted. One of these qualities is bright colours, tying into my first point.

I hope this blog taught you well. The knowledge of colour, algorithms and retention should turn you into a Social Media Guru, and keep your content blooming for months to come. I look forward to seeing you on my dashboard!

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