Jen Winters

Where did I start?

I started my hair career 17 years ago. I started doing hairdressing to begin with. Then 7 years ago and moved over to barbering. I have never looked back. Short hair is my passion!

Proudest moment?

I have several proud moments! The day I opened up my own shop, PhoneyPony Barbers. I won barber of the year 2018. I have had the opportunity to travel and cut hair on some amazing stages. I also got the chance to represent RudeCapeson the Modern Barber Stand London 2021!

Describe in me in one word?


Advice for beginners?

To seek knowledge. Never stop trying to improve your skill set. Your only as good as your last cut!

What I would change?

I love the industry and there isn’t much I would change. I would like to see more young talent getting the confidence to share what they have to offer.


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